Tuesday Lunch

So I have got into a routine of making my lunch for work the night before because firstly I am not a morning person I can’t even remember what colour knickers I have put on let alone remembering to do my lunch! Secondly it stops me from making up excuses that I haven’t got time and then pop to Tesco on my lunch break to indulge in the £3 meal deal of a Southern Fried Chicken Wrap, crisps and an Oasis. I know they do healthy options but I like to convince myself that I don’t like any of the ones they have to offer and I’ll just be extra good tomorrow, promise! Anyways, here is my salad – salad

I put rocket, iceberg lettuce, cucumber, tomato, mushrooms, sweetcorn and ham. For the dressing I used Sainsbury chilli, lime and coriander dressing. I tried it for the first time yesterday and Oh My God it was amazing and low fat too! I don’t put the dressing on until the morning though as I think it makes everything too soggy. Here is the end result just incase you just can not see those ingredients turning into a salad ha!


ham salad

Tada! Oh I also crunched a couple of tortilla chips for the extra crunch yum! Off to watch new episode of Modern Family now, love love love it!


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