The Easter Bunny Came

Hope everyone had a great Easter break, went way too quickly if you ask me! I was quite proud of myself though, I think it must be the healthiest Easter I have ever have, don’t worry I still had some chocolate just didn’t go overboard and eat 5 eggs in one go like usual.

Good Friday

My Friday off consisted of an early morning 3m walk with Rufus though the woods. It was nice not having to worry about getting back for work and getting to have a natter with the other dog walkers. It always makes me laugh though the fact that we all know what everyone’s dogs are called but pretty much have no idea what the dog owners name is. ( Well at least I don’t anyway!) The rest of my day was mainly housework, fun fun fun, as Gorgeous Ginge organised a last minute family BBQ on the Saturday before we went to a wedding in the evening. For dinner we had marinated Newmans Own BBQ chicken with sweet potatoes and broccoli. I left it to marinate over night to make it extra tasty, it made the chicken delicious!


Easter Saturday

I actually woke up Saturday morning and went for a 2mile run before I started my hectic day, obviously I had a fruit smoothie first. I am starting to really enjoy my runs it gives you a chance to think what you need to do for the day or just to daydream for half an hour, I find it very relaxing which I never thought I’d say about running! I got in had a shower and faked tan for the wedding I was heading to later. I used Sally Hansen airbrush legs, it is only supposed to be for your legs but I had run out of everything else so used it for the rest of my body. It comes out really natural and doesn’t smell, it truly is amazing! I will have to do a proper review on it another time as didn’t have time to take pictures this time. I then made a massive bowl of salad and cous cous to go with the BBQ so I could bulk up on the salad and then wouldn’t feel like I needed to eat 5 burgers! It worked too, I had a burger on salad ( minus the roll), with cous cous and low fat coleslaw. We then jetted off to the wedding, it was at Tullys Farm in a converted barn and was gorgeous. They had a lush hog roast and a live band too who were amazing I would book them for my wedding if I ever get married!




Easter Sunday

My Easter Sunday was very boring as I spent most of it on my own as Gorgeous Ginge had to work all day 😦 I had poached egg on toast for breakfast. It is a tradition in my family to have eggs for Easter Sunday breakfast usually boiled egg and soldiers but thought this would be a bit healthier and less bread. I then took Rufus round my mums so I could help her decorate and he got to play with their dog Digger. They are like little and large, but have so much fun together! My mum made a lovely homemade chicken curry for my dinner before I went home and collapsed into bed!


Easter Monday

Last day off before going back to work, boo hoo :(. The plan was to go to a car boot sale up at Rusper but because we had some rain last night they decided to cancel it boo hoo again! I know alot of people hate them and think all you get is a load of tat but I have found some real bargains and like they say ones man junk is another mans treasure. So I had a quick google and found another one a bit further away in Hickstead. We got there abit late so some people were already starting to pack up which was a bit disappointing but I did manage to find this cute teapot for a whopping 50p!!! I’ve been looking for some nice teapots for ages now so cant believe I got such a bargain for this which came with a teacup too. Can’t wait to have a cuppa in it! I also bought some board games cos I can’t get enough of them. We bought a Disney trivia a board game that I will actually win for once I think and Articulate which we played round a friends house at Chrismtas and I loved it.






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