My Shoe Confession

I’m sitting here thinking I can’t believe I am about to confess one of my biggest fabulous secrets, I mean obviously I don’t have to do it but one half of me feels I need to shout it from the rooftops as it really is that good the other half wants to keep it hidden deep in one my many shoes boxes because I feeling bratty and don’t want to share. So here it goes – I have a major shoe crush more the high heel platform stiletto then anything else I mean about 6 months ago was really the first time I had ever really worn a flat shoe! (mainly because I’m a short arse, only 5ft and so I look about 12 without them!) But that isn’t what I came here to say as I’m know I’m not the only one that gets turned on by just looking at a pair of sleek sexy Christian Louboutin shoes! My dream one day is to own a pair of those bad boys. But for now I get my kicks from this amazing fabtastic website….are you ready for it……!!!

Basically it does what it says on the tin, Anything and everything on this website is just £5!! £5 I tell you!! Now you may be thinking well they have got to be a pile of turd for that price but they are really not. Trust me I have bought my fair few pairs from there. Here is some of my selection that I have purchased over the past few months.






IMG_20140423_083226 These shoes I wore to the wedding I went to at the weekend I danced for like 3 hours straight which also involved a lot of jumping and my feet did not hurt what so ever, I couldn’t believe it!

IMG_20140424_202522 These are one of my favourite pairs I bought from there, so comfy plus they still had the new look label on stating £40.00 but I got them for that’s right five bloody pounds. If that’s not a bargain then I don’t know what is!

They also do clothes, bags, accessories. I have bought a couple of outfits from there and the labels on those have been anything from £15-£30. Amazing!

So need some new clothes or shoes but on a budget or just can’t resist a deal that good then take a look! They update their website with new things everyday at around 11.30am

By the way I’m not getting paid anything to advertise them I just couldn’t hold it in any longer and wished someone had told me about it sooner!



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