Fallen Hard On The Food Wagon

My relationship with food this weekend had been just bloody awful. Why do I do it to myself, I don’t fell better for it or any happier I feel even worse! All my hard work for the past couple of weeks feels like I’ve thrown it down the kitchen sink! And I’ve been so lazy so I couldn’t even say well I’ve run a couple of miles each day so at least I’ve burnt some of it off NO I can’t because I’ve been an utter sloth and didn’t even attempt it! SHAME ON ME!!! (I have to tell myself off so hopefully I want do it again, for a while anyway)

It all started on Friday evening I had been good all day until Gorgeous Ginge decided to bring home 2 large pizzas from the deli for just 3 of us! First I thought that’s OK I can just have a couple of slices and fill up on salad so I don’t end up devouring most of it. But as soon as that cheesy succulent BBQ Chicken touched my lips it all went out the window, I must of had at least 6 pieces and no salad and finished it off with a packet of fricken minstrels. SHAME ON ME!! I felt so full that I couldn’t be assed to go for my 2 mile run as scheduled.

So Saturday obviously I should of just started afresh gone for my run that I should of done yesterday and jumped right back on to the road of goodness. Which i did to begin with, had a healthy breakfast then I made quinoa salad (so far so good). I didn’t go for my run tut tut but decided to make some healthy fish tacos for dinner. I have been waiting for months and months to make these ever since I watched I Love You Man and they go to Venice Beach and have “the best fish tacos ever”. I imagined them to be one of the most amazing foods to touch my taste buds. I dunno if it was the way I made them or maybe I had hyped them up too much in my mind but I was not impressed neither was Gorgeous Ginge. I didn’t even take a picture of them as I was so disappointed. We both agreed I wished I never made them and we would still be secretly in love with them. I would still love to try them at Jame Beach if I ever get over there. SO that all sounds OK minus the no exercise but I didn’t mention the almost whole 1litre of vodka we drunk (oops) between us that night. I think Gorgeous Ginge’s plan was to get me drunk so I would loose at the Disney Trivia Game!! That was supposed to my win!! :-

This morning though we went to Hever Castle who were holding a dog walking event round the castle gardens. I was really excited about going as I absolutely LOVE castles and it was years ago since we had been there. It was alot of fun, including the free bacon roll (oopsie!) and the dog treats for Rufus and looking at all the gorgeous scenery. It would be the one placed I would get married if I won the lottery and actually had a ring on my finger ha.

IMG_20140427_165032 IMG_20140427_164937 IMG_20140427_101152 IMG_20140427_165116 IMG_20140427_165358 IMG_20140427_165630 IMG_20140427_165721

Tonight I decided to take some dreaded bikini pictures to motivate myself back to my healthy ways I’m not brave enough to post them yet but maybe if I loose some weight I will do before and after pics. There will be before and after pictures because I will loose weight! Just need to control myself at weekends god damn it!



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