Smile! Let everyone know that today you’re a lot stronger than you were yesterday

I am a lot happier with myself than yesterday and so is Rufus! I had a bit of a wobble when the office biscuit tin got stocked up with all my favourite biscuits and everytime I walked to the printer my stomach was screaming “take one, take one!”. But I didn’t, woohoo I quickly made a green tea instead of a normal one so I couldn’t even dunk one in there if I wanted to.

So this morning I had a banana, mixed berry smoothie for breakfast. I then had a cuppa about 10:30am. I’m trying to cut down on my tea drinking as I have it with 2 sugars and was drinking about 6 cups a day which was adding up to loads of sugar! Also trying to drink more water I’ve manager 1 Litre today. For lunch I had an egg salad and an apple.


I had my green tea about 3:30pm when the biscuit war with myself started but when 5pm came I felt absolutley starving! It was a quick dinner tonight, we hadstuffed spinach and ricotta ravioli with mushroom sauce. I’m not gonna lie it wasn’t great, but not my choice (ahem!) Even by looking at the picture you can tell it’s not gonna do much for you!


I then went for a 20 minute run round the streets but I took Rufus with me as the field was too wet and he kept wanting to fricken stop at every tree or lamp post he got too grrr which meant not a lot of running for me. I only managed 1.8 miles before I had enough with him. I’m now drinking my final tea of the day (only 2 today go me!) while Gorgeous Ginge is munching on a massive easter egg which I think is highly rude of him to do it in front of me! I told him to go and do it somewhere private but thought next to me would be perfect!

Lets hope I can keep this malarkey up this week! Off to watch some 24 now on the last disk of Season 6, exciting! 😉



3 thoughts on “Smile! Let everyone know that today you’re a lot stronger than you were yesterday

  1. Hey Chick, Thanks for the follow..Love the blog you’ve got going on too…

    Don’t be too hard on yourself though! You will reach your goals && just a quick thought have you ever tried substitution opposed to cutting out? making too many changes at once is tough and when you fail you just feel bad! Rather than cutting out the tea altogether, why not substitute sugar for sweetener and switched to skimmed milk? I always find that by making goals like ‘stop drinking diet coke’ i drink some and then beat myself up about it making me wanna give up! just an idea! x

    • Aw thanks so much. I have actually bought sweetener and skimmed milk this week, but it’s just at work I don’t have that option. I might have to bring my own stash in! There is no way I could cut out tea completely I love it too much ha! x

      • just take your own in! I keep sweetener in my purse! a cheeky option is those UHT milk pots they sell just keep them in your draw if you think people will poach fresh milk from the fridge! 😄

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