Treasure Of The Week

You may have already guessed by now but I fricken love a bargain!! I seriously can not remember the last time I paid full price on something it infuriates me if I find something I really really really need want and I can not find it discounted on Ebay, Amazon etc. If I can’t I have to sit there and think about it for a few days and decide if it really is it worth the spend but if I find it for even 10% less then it’s mine naturally. We furnished pretty much our whole house from Ebay or clearance sales. Our kitchen cost £100.00 from that marvelous place (Ebay) which included a fridge and freezer. ( Solid oak cabinets also I tell you!)

The feeling you get when you find a good bargain well I get such a buzz! Who needs roller-coasters when there are Next sales to hunt through, I can’t tell you the adrenalin I got when I went to my local mall and found my favourite clothes shop closing down and every item was a fiver!

Which is why I spent my Saturday driving 35 minutes to get them fabulous curtains that were reduced to wait for it…. £10.00!! A tenner for full length curtains you can’t get better then that really!

So here are my bargain buys of the week!

argos curtains

My argos curtains you saw in my previous post. I bought 2 sets for £10 each. This will be my last time I mention them promise! That is until I get to put them up.


I bought this gorgeous duvet set from Amazon. I actually got it for free from doing surveys on Tolana. You get points for filling out surveys and they build up so you can exchange them for gift cards. This would only set you back £16.00 though so still a bargain, but it is more on other sites. ( Which is why it’s good to shop around people!)


Any of you side-eyeing me can quit it now! There are only 65 days until Christmas…..excited much! I picked this up from Tesco when they had 20% off, I also used my clubcard points so in the end it was £40 instead of £60! I really really wanna take it out of the box but I probs won’t be able to get it back in and it would be stuck out until Christmas. Hmmm actually that could be an excellent idea haha not so sure Gorgeous Ginge would agree though!


Lastly I found this beautiful specimen from Studio24 reduced to £6.99 instead of £24.99! It’s a light up garland in case you didn’t know and will look perfect on my mantelpiece! Ahhh I literally can not wait until Christmas now, it’s my favourite time of the year!

What bargains have you picked up this week??


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