Outfit of the Day & Thorpe Park






Saturdays outfit was a crap we have overslept and have 20 minutes to get ready!

Jumper dress is from Bank Fashion

Leggings from Primark

Boots are of course from everything5pound.com

Rufus obviously wanted to be included in this!

Collar – Pets At Home 🙂

So Saturday we had a family day out to Thorpe Park, which is a theme park full of mainly roller coasters if you didn’t know! Which just happens to be one of my main fears.

**My fears also include spiders, clowns, getting old and credits at the end of a movie, ( it’s the creepy music and the fact some hideous creature could pop out at any moment!) **

It’s not how high these roller coasters go or how fast or dark it is, it’s the fact that I am literally going to DIE. I know what ever seat I choose it’s going to be my shoulder straps, seat belt, restraint or some small bearing holding it all together that is going to fail and my life is over, not nicely either! It will probably be at the worse point where you are going upside down on Nemesis Inferno, I will hear a click of my safety belt unlocking and then that’s it! I’ve fallen out and splattered on the floor over everyone ugh! When I come home after being to one of these theme parks I am so stressed out and emotionally drained with limbs aching where I have gripped on to the handles so much that I think why did I do that! Peer Pressure I tell you that’s what it is!! I casually try to stop at the entrance of one of these death rides when one of the pack will turn and see I have stopped and it will go something like –

Wanting to die says “Aren’t you coming?”

Me (not wanting to die) “No, I really don’t think I can do that” while staring up at a ten loop the loop roller coaster with a major death drop!

Wanting to die – “Seriously!? Don’t be such a wus, this one isn’t even scary it will be over before you know it”

Me – “Yeah because I’ll be dead in my seat with a heart attack or on the floor!”

Wanting to die “Just stand in the queue with us and if you really can’t do it then you can just wait for us”

Me– “Well OK then”

Everytime!! So I go and stand in the queue while for 45 minutes I have to try and convince myself that this is going to be sooooo much fun and you won’t die. I mean look there is like an 8 year old little girl queuing up next to you, she’s not scared you stupid cow. Then my time is up we at the front of the queue, God it makes me sick just thinking about it! It all happens so fast I don’t have time to think. Gorgeous Ginge is suddenly ushering me to a seat telling me how he would never let me die, it will be fine. NO ONE understands my fear!! So you’re now in the seat all strapped in (no backing out now!) I have shaken and pulled my restraints to death checked visually all I can that all the screws look like they are where they are supposed to be and then the fricken thing starts moving!! It really is too late now I let out a little whimper and then as we start slowing making the 200ft up towards the first drop I start to panic. The I want to get off chant starts followed by I’M BEING SERIOUS STOP THE GOD DAMN RIDE I’M GOING TO DIE!!!!. Gorgeous Ginge next to me tries grabbing my hand finding the whole thing bloody hilarious. We are right at the top now where you can’t even see the track, Oh My God what if there is no track and this is it! But then you see it, that long steep descent!! This is where the screaming starts, the eyes slam shut and the white knuckles appear! So for the 2 minute ride which actually fells like it will never end I spend it screaming nonstop unless I absolutely need to breathe praying that I won’t die and wishing for it to end. I open my eyes and smile to myself  then I see Gorgeous Ginge leaning over “That wasn’t so bad now was it?”. I wasn’t smiling because I enjoyed it you fool it’s because I survived the swirling and the spinning and when my body slammed into the restraints it held up, thank God!

I do actually have a DVD of me on this roller coaster that I never in a million years thought I would get on! I will have to dig it up and put it on here to prove to you how terrified I get. saw_gallery_image_03

However this Saturday was different because we had his nieces and nephew going so of course I knew they would be too small to go on the death mobiles so obviously I would be the kind person and sacrifice myself on not going on these amazing adrenalin rides and take them on the teacups or the pirate ship or any other ride where you do not see your life flash before you. Man I love the teacups! BEST stress free day ever well until we lost one of those munchkins but thats another story ha! (BTW we did find them in case you were worrying!)




It was also fright night when we went so there were lots of freaky people like this walking around! They also had mazes where IMG_20141028_092555you basically walk round in the dark where people jump out at you. The queues were so long for them though we never got a chance to go, although the Blair Witch Maze looked like it would be fun as you actually walked round the woods!



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