Outfit Of The Day & Freshlook Contacts



Today I wore – Dress from New Look (but I actually got off Ebay for £4.00 brand new!)

Tights – New Look

Boots – Tesco



I decided today I would give you a review on Freshlook Colorblends Contacts that I have been trying out for the last few months. I have always wanted to see what I looked like with blue eyes and couldn’t wait to try these out. I wear normal contact lenses all the time as I am literally blind, well I’m not that bad but I wouldn’t be able to drive without them and if you were waving at me from across the road I would have absolutely no idea who you are!

So the first time I put them in my eyes felt really blurry but then I realized it was because I had the blue bit over my pupil doh! This can happen a couple of  times through out the day where they move around so can get a bit annoying. I looked really weird ha! It wasn’t what I was expecting in fact I didn’t really like it that much as it just didn’t feel like me. The only other negative thing about it is the contacts are slightly bigger then usual so on my eyes you can see the brown coming through round the edges which can give it away if looking closely.  Most friends noticed me in the true sapphire contacts and said how my eyes looked amazing and were they my real eyes or contacts. Personally I thought how rude you don’t know what my original colour eye is tut tut!

My original eye colour.


Eyes with True Sapphire Freshlook Colorblends


My eyes with Gemstone Green Freshlook Colorblends Contacts



My current contacts Freshlook Colorblends Honey


eyes 2

These were my favourite contacts as I feel they were the most natural for me and even if my natural eye colour comes through the edges it just kind of blends in. Gorgeous Ginge thinks I look like a vampire ha!

I’m off to find the most lazy thing I can cook tonight as I really can not be assed! Xx


3 thoughts on “Outfit Of The Day & Freshlook Contacts

  1. Love the contacts and love ur house
    Can I move in love the windows! And well done with the driving my instructor use to say feed the wheel through ur hands. I started driving at 21
    And didn’t pass till 26…. Jake passed the same year as me and he is 8 yrs younger haha xx

    • Thanks! 🙂 Yeah everyone keeps telling me they were taught to feed the wheel but I seem to be being taught a different way where I have to pull one hand to the bottom and then slide the other one down at the same time :-/ I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it eventually! Did you have a lot of lessons? xx

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