My Downstairs House Renovation

This post seems to of taking forever! As it’s autumn now I seem to go to work in the dark and come home in the dark and this is especially not good when I have been wanting to take pictures in the sunlight, but I have finally found some time and daylight to get this down!

I have been sat here these last few days staring up at the walls and thinking back how it looked 3 years ago when we purchased our first home. I can tell you now it  definitely was not the decor or the smell of the house that made us buy it! But it was the whole feel of the house it had such a warm inviting feeling that we just had to have it. We had hunted through so many houses before this one and were just about giving up. (I’m glad we didn’t) Anyways next week we have booked the week off and will be decorating our front room again, it is started to make me panic. I’ve been sat here wondering what if I prefer it the way it used to be and then wish we never changed it. My decor tastes have definitely changed though, when we first bought the house I thought I was into very modern looking furniture and sleek looking but I am now in love with the rustic cosy looking decor with a lil bit of shabby chic. We are also wanting to change the living room as we started off  with a colour theme of black red and grey where I then added a bit of cream as it was too dark and now there is just far too much red everywhere. We just had little touches of it and then suddenly it was like red everywhere! We even went with it in the kitchen and I have been trying to fade it out in there too! It also seemed that friends and family had noticed we had this theme going on so they were there buying us red items too, bless them.

So I have decided to do a post of before and after of my house, with this one starting with the downstairs and then an update on when it changes next week. Hopefully the transformation will look amazing ha (fingers crossed).

First off this is the hallway when we first moved in.

Hallway before


Lovely eh!?  The whole house and I mean the WHOLE house was covered in wood chip including the ceiling! I seriously do not understand why anyone thought that was a good idea. If you have ever tried to strip wood chip off the wall then I know you feel my pain too.

Hallway after 2

Hallway after 3

Hallway after

First off we ripped off the floor which was a lot more hard word than I thought it would be, in the the end we had to get a pick axe and a chisel to get it off! This was actually the last room where we took the wood chip off as we were just so drained from doing all the rest of the rooms we left it for a few months before we had the heart to start again, also it is the hardest one to remove with trying to get at the most annoy part on the stairs. That was definitely a job for Gorgeous Ginge! We also got someone in to tile the floor as being absolute beginners we didn’t have a clue what to do. The walls were wallpapered as when taking the wood chip off the wall it took a lot of the plaster off too and we couldn’t afford to get the walls plastered just yet. We then painted the walls magnolia.

Next up is the Kitchen.

kitchen before 2


Kitchen before


A beautiful kitchen as you can see and that’s my Mummy photo bombing my picture ha. The only good thing about this room was there was only one wall of wood chip yay! I don’t think the original owners changed hardly any decor from when they originally moved in 40 years ago so there was so much word to do.

kitchen after



Apologies this is the only picture I have of the kitchen at the moment as it is completely full up with furniture from the front room where we have started to get ready to redecorate. We bought the kitchen off of Ebay for an amazing £100 including a fridge and freezer. My Mum’s fiance installed it for us so we didn’t have to pay out for that either luckily. When we put the cabinets in they were solid oak but we decided to paint them to freshen them up,as you can see we still haven’t got round to buying handles yet though! I would really love a brand new kitchen with wooden counter tops and cream cupboards but I really don’t think I’m gonna find that for a £100 somehow!

Lastly this is the living room before it gets redecorated again!


front room beofre 2

Front Room Before


This room felt like it took months to finish but I think it only took a round a month in the end. Again this whole room was covered in wood chip. I have to say the worst thing about steaming the wood chip off the walls was seeing the nicotine running down the wall from the steam It literally took around 4 months to get the smell of cigarettes out of the house as it seemed to have clung to the walls and the floors!

front roomfrontroom after


DSC_0215 (1)




I have a huge garden table and chairs in this room at the moment which I am not loving which is why I haven’t shown you the complete room. We got new windows installed recently and I adore my new bay window it opens up the room so much more. The fireplace is another purchase off Ebay for £40.00 it was a display unit but there is absolutely nothing wrong with it! I do wish now we chose a darker carpet because of Rufus but I guess we never knew we was going to adding the little scoundrel to our home! I would actually prefer wooden floors with some thick rugs but I’m still fighting over that one.

I would also just like to point out the flowers. Those flowers are the first bunch Gorgeous Ginge has ever bought me that were not free or reduced down. I am still trying to figure out why, his reason was for being a fabulous girlfriend (you would be a bit skeptical too right!?)

Next week I will show you the new makeover of this room and actually show you the complete area this time!

Chow for now Xx



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