It’s my Birthday, It’s my Birthday! I’mma spend my money!

Well technically it was my birthday on Wednesday and I didn’t spend my money I spent Gorgeous Ginge’s ha! I turned a whopping 27 which I am not happy about. It sounds SO much older then 26 I hate it and I hate getting old, I have had nightmares about it since I was little so now my birthdays seem to be getting more upsetting then fun. Whenever I say to people I’m getting old they just laugh at me and say you’re a spring chicken yadder yadder or wait until you’re my age. It is seriously ridiculous it seemed like I was 18 a few weeks ago I would like to find one of those gadgets like in the films where I could just freeze time for a bit or maybe I could try and find Neverland and live there instead! But for now I just have to face the fact I’m getting old!!

So for my birthday Gorgeous Ginge decided to surprise me with a driving lesson, he decided to tell me about it 20 minutes before they turned up so naturally I started to panic. Can you believe I am 27 and have never had a driving lesson I was just saving it to make me feel 17 again ha! Even the driving instructor thought I was 17, I tried very hard to contain myself from giving him a big fat smacker on the lips for that! I guess it has been partly laziness and a bit of being petrified of being behind the wheel especially as I’m not to good with my left and right. I was promised a day out in Brighton after my lesson sdrivingo I tried to think about that to calm my nerves! After about an hour it seemed of telling me whats a steering wheel and where the indicators are, stuff like that. I finally got to get behind the wheel. Now I’m going to tell you a big secret one that I haven’t even told my friends or family….. I maybe had a bit of a breakdown whoops and it was over the silliest thing you could probably think of. The instructor handed me a frisbee ( a Ben 10 one) and I had to pretend it was a wheel and learn the push and pull technique. This is where  one hand pulls the wheel into the bend, the other hand slides down the wheel to remain opposite. Yeah I hope you don’t understand it either! After about 10 minutes I still could not work out what the hell I was supposed to be doing and I thought any minute now the instructor it gonna whack me round the head with the frisbee and tell me to stop bring so god damn stupid! At this point I realized that I was gripping a Ben 10 Frisbee and could not fathom how the hell I was supposed to turn it to the left and how effing stupid I was and looked! You guessed it I started to cry and then I couldn’t stop, I was sobbing to him about how stupid I am and how ridiculous this all is.The more I tried to stop the more it came and I think it was just working me up even more. He was super nice and got me tissues and tried to calm me down. He told me that I should practice at home too and it would become easy to me. He asked if I owned a frisbee while still crying I said no because Rufus chews them all up so he said use a plate instead then. I then wailed but my plates are all square! Looking back on this I must of seemed like a complete nutter! He did actually let me drive the car after all this too unbelievably! But hey it’s my Birthday and I’ll cry if I want to! 😛

So after my tramatic experience, (I really do not think I will be able to look at a frisbee in the same way again!) I came home to a glass of Prosecco (well needed!) and a caterpillar cake which is my absolute fav even if they are for kids but I can not stand icing so they are perfect for me!

cake caterpillar

After this we got on the train to Brighton and had a few drinks at a bar before we went for dinner. We went to a place called Preto which is a Brazilian steak house. It was lovely. They give you unlimited cuts of different meats like sirloin steak, rump steak, lamb, ribs, chicken, sausages etc. Defintley not for vegetarians! They give you cards where one side is red and one side is green. If you want more meat then you keep the card on green and when you have had enough or need a break you flip it over to red.yes












                 I seriously had the meat sweats after that, I could easy be a vegetarian for a month right about now! We went for a walk round Brighton and had a look at some of the Christmas lights to try and walk some of it off.

north laine

We then went to the Theatre Royal where we watched Dancing In The Streets which is a Motown show. I loved it! I love all the music from that era and the audience were all dancing and singing which made it even better. They sung songs from The Supremes, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, The Four Tops and loads more. dints

dancing in the steets

I was completely knackered and felt emotionally drained from the days events! I couldn’t believe Grogeous Ginge had managed to pull off such a fabulous day without me finding out (even with my drama)! I was trying really hard not to fall asleep on the train back as Gorgeous Ginge was flat out and I didn’t want us to miss our stop. Luckily we didn’t and as we climbed into bed I wondered if one day we are going to be ones of those old grumpy couples who decide they have to sleep in single beds oridfferent rooms as we’re just too fricken old. I really really hope not! Forever young please!! Xx


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