OOTD & Christmas Market

This post is a couple days late due to the fact that I have a Christmas Movie addiction. I must of watched at least 6-8 films in the last two days. I found the Christmas movie channels and that was it, I was glued. Even though they are seriously cheesy and you could predict the story line pretty much in the first five minutes I just can’t help but watch. Sometimes you just need a bit of happy ever after in your life and I obviously needed a lot of that this weekend!


 Long Sleeved T-shirt – New Look

Skirt – Tesco

Tights – New Look

Ugg Boots – Ugg Australia




I got to go to my first Christmas Market of the year eeeek! I love love love them. I love the fact people are all snuggled up in their scarfs, gloves and hats munching on some chestnuts and everyone seems more friendlier and cheerful and of course I love looking at the handmade gifts and decorations. We decided to trek on down to the Winchester Christmas Market. I wanted to go last year but never got the chance and I was still using the excise that it was birthday week to get my way mwahaha. I went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London the year before so wasn’t expecting it to be as big as that but I was told this one is supposed to be one of the best in Europe to go to, challenging the others like the ones in Germany so my expectations were high.

We must of been there around 2 minutes when there was a big announcement over the tannoy to say everyone had to evacuate the area immediately! Great, we drove all that way and all I got to see was a mulled wine stand. Luckily it was a practice run so I got to go back in after 5 minutes phew!





winchester So the market is circled around Winchester Cathedral and each stall is a cute little wooden hut, there is also an ice rink in the centre. I love a good skate but it was a lot smaller then I expected and there was absolutely nobody on the ice, so I felt a bit silly going on it alone. Although really it would of been like having my own private rink! There was a lot of stalls selling scarfs, bags and jewelry I don’t know what I was expecting really but there was only really around 4 stalls that interested me so it was a huge disappointment personally. I was expecting there to be more candle stalls and decorations and more homemade gifts for the home. It was the first night so maybe all the stalls that were meant to be there were gonna turn up in a few days but it’s not going to be a market I will be running back to. I bought zero squat! There were a couple of decorations I liked but as soon as I saw the price tag I slowly edged way, they wanted at least £10 for a small fairy to hang on the tree! It was Gisela Graham (not even a unique item) but I had seen them in my local garden centre for cheaper than that! The website has said that would be glass makers too which would of been a good gift for my mum but I didn’t see any of that.


This one was one of my favourite stalls I thought the rectangular mirror would of been perfect for my newly decorated living room if it was only a bit bigger and I loved the hand made candle holders too.


But to cheer me up I went to their local Primark and got to buy whatever I wanted ( birthday treat 🙂 ) so naturally a good hour was spent in there. You can buy so much in there and still come out with change it’s ridiculous! I did laugh to myself when I heard a woman shout “Is someone having a laugh with me, seriously? £2 for a bra, why have I never been here before!!


To end the day we went to the Slug and Lettuce for dinner in Winchester. I had the grilled chicken, bacon and avocado salad it was lovely especially as I had been craving some salad, I have been neglecting the greens recently tut! We also ordered sweet potato fries to share with garlic mayo wow they were sooo good. I wanna know how they get them so crispy as it never works with mine!

If you guys know of any decent Christmas Markets to explore let me know! Xx


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