Outfit Of The Day


evening 2

Today’s outfit is an evening one for a change from a friends 30th I went to on Friday night.

Kimono – Boohoo.com

Dress – Lipsy

Shoes – Next

I am recovering from the Christmas shopping I did yesterday, it was mayhem! Even though all the news channels were telling me it was going to be the busiest day for shopping this year so far I still decided to venture in. Back in the day half a days shopping would of been a breeze but I pretty much do all my shopping online now so my shopping training had seriously gone out the window. I was boiling hot and my feet were doing that horrible burning thing so I made Gorgeous Ginge stop at Costa to have  a gingerbread latte ( any excuse ha).


When I collapsed on the sofa back home I decided Enchiladas were definitely needed after the days hard work, I felt like I had walked at least 5 miles and had done some seriously weight training on my arms! So after making these babies (they were amazing), we chilled out and watched X factor trying to forget I had only done half the Christmas shopping and will have to attempt the mad place again soon!

DSC_0351 IMG_20141129_183747


Hope you’re all having an amazing weekend! Xx




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