What I Ate Wednesday

It’s that time of the week again!

Breakfast – Cuppa Tea with skimmed milk and 2 teaspoons of sweetener and porridge with a teaspoon on strawberry jam. I’ve noticed porridge feels me up much more then cereal, I’m usually starving after about 2 hours so I’m going to try and eat more of this.


Then before I set off for my walk to work me and Rufus had our advent calendar although hes still not getting on well with finding the numbers!

Mid-Morning was my usual coffee with semi skimmed milk and 2 sugars.

Lunch – a multigrain roll with pate and tomato. Sometimes the simplest things are the most yummy!


Afternoon Snack – a satsuma and 2 Miniature Heros chocolates. I could of eating a load more but managed to contain myself!




Dinner – Sweet chilli seafood stirfry which consisted of  prawns, mussels and squid with vegeatbles and noodles, was lovely. I haven’t eaten prawns in about 10 years as I went to a restaurant and ordered scampi and they had battered the whole shrimp and I mean the WHOLE shrimp, eyeballs and all! I thought it had put me off for life but this past month I have just really really craved some so glad I got my fix tonight, 🙂


Dessert – a raspberry and peach ski mousse – was light, fluffy and fruity just what I needed!




I’m now gonna love ya and leave ya as I need to hunt down some Christmas bargains sharpish, time is ticking!! Xx



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