Outfit Of The Day

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Well hello there!

Another evening wear outfit as I spent pretty much the whole day in a onesie putting up Christmas decorations and then realized I had about 45 minutes to get ready oops!

Dress – H&M

Shoes- Next

Also as it was so warm and toasty in my house I completely skipped over the part that it is Winter right now and frickin freezing so I did get a shock when I stepped outside, although I did take a jacket. (I’m not that stupid)

I went to a Charity dinner and dance to support a charity that helps out people with motor neurone disease. My friends dad died from this when she was younger so it was really nice to give her support and donate to a good cause.

Friday night I attempted to make some cinnamon rolls like I said I would, to eat while decorating. I made this last Christmas too for Christmas Day morning as it’s a gorgeous smell to wake everyone up to so I am going to try and carry on with the tradition if I can actually make them right! Now I am definitely not a baker, my attempts usually look like something that should be on Pinterest fails! You will understand from my rolls but I tried my best just don’t really know when I went wrong this time! They hardly rose at all and I was left with pretty much the same size rolls as I started with. After spending sometime on google though my conclusion was that the milk and butter I put in was too hot and it killed the yeast doh!

I got the recipe from http://sallysbakingaddiction.com. I love her website she makes her recipes so easy to follow that even I can make her food, well kinda.

All you need is basic things that you pretty much already have in your cupboard, like this –


Which will then eventually turn into this but obviously yours will like 100 times better!



Once baked they will NOT look like this as if  you follow the recipe correctly they should be a lot bigger and will look so much prettier than mine ha! Although they did still get eaten all up so at least I got the flavourings right! I think I will have to have another trail run at the weekend.




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