Brighton Date Day

I once read that you should never apologize for slacking on your posts, having a blogging break or even having an amazing excuse of having no laptop so you not gonna get it! You may be happy, sad or you may just keep scrolling past my sorry ass (sorry, not sorry!) but yeah please carry on if you want to read about my date down to Brighton!!

Very rarely Gorgeous Ginge gets the idea that it would be fun to spend the whole day with me all on his own and take me somewhere nice! ( I know how very splendid of him!) But alas it is not that simple because I know when he says he is going to take me out I usually have to plan the whole event so basically his taking me out is meaning in his head it was all his idea but deep down really it was all mine! Naturally it had to be a day down to Brighton because I lourveeee the place.

After buying some bits and bobs we headed down to the pier to one of my all time favourite games…..DOLPHIN DERBY! If you have never played this it is a must. Basically all you need to do is throw the balls in the holes and the dolphin moves along – first one to the finish line WINS!

dolphin d

I tried so hard as I was eyeing up a big minion but a little boy who looked about five beat me to it! To down my sorrows we headed to the pier bar so I could let Gorgeous Ginge watch a bit of football and I got to warm up!

Next stop The Fishbowl – this is now one of my top pubs in Brighton if you’re ever down that way you need to go. It doesn’t look like much when you first walk in but it’s really cosy and different.


We ventured upstairs as downstairs was already quite full and luckily it was near enough empty so it was like we were sat in our own personal pub!



You could play foosball and even had a table that had Pac-Man and Space Invaders inside of it to play – how retro! 😀

DSC_0022 DSC_0030_20150314210255415

Or you could join in with fish and be one of them instead.

DSC_0021 DSC_0024

By now we were hank marvin and headed to an american diner I had been dying to go to forever! I’m not gonna lie it took us quite a while to find it thanks to my amazing sense of direction. When Gorgeous Ginge decided to take over after 20 minutes of not looking like we were getting anyway near the place he told me (shouted) that I had had my phone the wrong way round so we were heading in the opposite direction ha oops!

But thankfully he forgave me when we arrived as and I quote “the best burger I have ever had” passed through his lips. Phew!

JB’s Diner


They have the best milkshakes and are absolutley mahoosive! See for yourself!


We went for the dark um and brownie milkshake – Ahamazing! They do do non-alcoholic ones of course with over 10 different flavours, but i challenge you to drink more then one!


I chose the Cross the Border Burger which had salsa, guacamole, jalapenos and cheese. It was so good but I could absolutely not finish it.


Especially as we ordered these bad boys as a side!


I mean they were nearly as big as my head!!


Gorgeous Ginge went for The King burger which had BBQ sauce, pulled pork ( as well as the burger) cheese and salad and even he could not finish his and that is saying something cos the boy can eat!


All I can say is thank god we had a half hour trek back up to the station to walk some if off, I was so stuffed!

If you want a relaxing, chilled out atmosphere and like listening to 50’s music and good food then head down there, you won’t regret it!!

Hope you all have an fabulous Friday night and an incredible weekend! Xx



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