Afternoon Tea

For Mother’s Day I was a lovely little daughter and said I would take my Mummy out for an afternoon tea as it is something we have never done before, even though there are hundreds of places around me that do it. It took me ages to decide on the location I couldn’t even decide whether to go to Brighton or London. But after a few days of research I finally booked it at The Colonnade in Little Venice, London.

First stop – Warwick Avenue!

Warwick Avenue

If you know Duffy then you’ll understand you have to do a song and dance around this sign!

The hotel is literally a one minute walk from the tube station which makes it even better!colonnade hotel

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, can’t believe I managed to pick such a perfect day! We obviously chose to sit out on the terrace and catch some rays and of course do some people watching. We were then asked if we wanted to start of with tea or champagne.

The champagne was calling us!

Afternoon tea

Our afternoon tea consisted of the below. Yum Yum!!

afternoon tea

We didn’t really have any clue what to expect but when it arrived it looked truly scrummy!

Afternoon Tea

The sandwiches were, light soft and crust free, I think there could of been a teeny bit more filing but they were still good.

But the scones…….OMG THE SCONES!!! I have been dreaming of them ever since! They are by far the best I have ever tested and oh my I have tested a lot. Having been brought up in Cornwall where it’s pretty famous for it’s cream teas I never thought they would be tastier anywhere else. Seriously I am not lying you should go here just for these. They are sweet, fluffy , soft and crunchy all at the same time, lush!


It’s also an absolute must to serve with strawberry jam and clotted cream on the top!

Next up, after clearing our drool up from the scones we dived into the mini cakes!

Afternoon Tea

I loved the fact they were sample sizes and not great big wads of cake. It left you filling full but not an OMG I’ve eating wayyyy to much feeling. It was just right. I left the carrot cakes for my Mum as they’re not really my thing but she said they were delish.


Scrumptious mini eclair!

Afternoon tea

This was my first time in trying a macaroon, I got so excited that I was finally going to try one that I didn’t want to incase I hated it. They always look so colorful that they have to taste nice right!?

CORRECT! I loved it, it made me so happy ha! They are really sweet so I can understand why they’re small, I don’t think you could eat loads in one go which is a good thing. This one had a pistachio ganache filling too and I thought I didn’t even like pistachio!

Afternoon tea

This was my least favourite cake, I took one mini bite and had to gulp down some tea. It was really bitter, I think it may of been apricot flavored. I was super glad I left the brownie until last, as it was ahmaaazing and luckily Mother didn’t like hers so more for me! šŸ˜€


They also gave you a choice of different teas to have. We went for the English Breakfast tea just to be traditional and all.

Afternoon Tea

And then it was all gone!!

But seriously if you’re looking to have some afternoon tea in a fabulous location with friendly staff, beautiful food and not forgetting the gorgeous scones! Then get yourself down there now while the sun is still shining!!

Now we couldn’t end our day there, so we hoped on the tube to one of my favourite places in London, Convent Garden! This is definitely one of the best places to go people watching. It’s full of street performers and little pubs and bars to sit out on, but being a sunny day it was pretty packed!afternoon tea afternoon tea

Clever hey? But all I could think was they must be sooo hot!

Luckily we managed to find a table outside and grabbed it quick!

Afternoon Tea

First cocktail was a Sex On The Beach which had vodka, peach schnapps, orange and cranberry juice.


We then went for a Jelly Baby. It looked so colourful I didn’t want to pour it out. This had vodka, peach schnapps, malibu, blue curacao,pineapple juice and lemonade. It was thenĀ sprinkled with jelly babies on the top! It put me in the summer spirit that’s for sure.

It was a fabtastic day out and I see an addiction to afternoon tea’s coming! So let me know of any other good spots I need to visit! Xx

Afternoon Tea


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