Top Ten Tuesday!

My first Top Ten Post will be kicking off with my top songs I am listening to this month. When the sun starts to come out it definitely makes me want to listen to more music and especially the happy sun shiny type! It puts me into festival fever one of my favourite things to do in the summer months, although I am yet to pick which festival to do this year but it absolutely needs to be done!

So these are my top songs I have been walking and dancing to on my 3 mile hikes to work and while walking the fabulous Rufus! I find it really hard to walk anywhere on my own wthout music and I find it near enough impossible to do when running. Music is my motivation!  I know most of them are pretty cheesy but I’ve been in that kind of mood, at least it puts a smile on your face well it does on mine anyway!

Let me know what you’re listening to, I need some more songs to add to my playlist! Xx



2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday!

  1. Music is also my motivator, it gets me ready to sweat and inspires me to keep going when I want to quit. Thank you for sharing your play list, I’m going to spend some time downloading your suggestions today.

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