Keeping On The Right Track



It’s only been 5 days of getting back to being healthier but I’m doing good so far and no slip ups…go me! I woke up earlier than usual and took Rufus for an extra long walk this morning and I think even he thought it was too early, hee hee!


It definitely helps when you wake up to the sun shining through your curtains to get you up and enjoy the fresh air. Even the trees were in bloom. Any exercise is better then none, so instead of snoozing your alarm for an extra half hour where really you’re not actually going back to sleep but just waiting for that horrible alarm noise to go off in your ear again, get your ass up and outside. It’s a much better way to freshen you up and I promise you will feel much better for it!

See even Rufus had woken up by the end and gave me a wee smile!



For dinner I cooked up some salmon seasoned with lime juice and a tablespoon of salsa on the top with my Mediterranean vegetables like the ones I made here – mediterranean-fish-tray-bake but I also added the left over cauliflower rice too. 



My biggest downfall is the weekend. For some reason I see it as being a break from work and a break from healthy eating, where most of the time I will just binge on all things naughty because that is what your supposed to do isn’t it?! Then Monday comes and all the regrets flood in and I never feel any better for it so why do I do it, tut tut! This time I have made sure I have meals planned for Saturday & Sunday so I have no excuse to get a take-out and will not allow myself to nip down the shop and buy tons of chocolate!


Here’s to a healthy but still fun weekend! Xx


2 thoughts on “Keeping On The Right Track

  1. Having that type of discipline is hard! You can do it! The meal you prepared looks scrumptious!
    I myself have been to make healthier choices!
    Keep up the good work and WE CAN DO THIS!

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