The First Trimester

So as you have already found out, I’m pregnant and thought I would go back and let you know how my first trimester went. It seems like a lifetime ago now thought so I will try to remember as best as I can. I can’t believe elephants are pregnant for around 95 weeks, when 25 weeks feels like a year already probably because I’m really craving a rare juicy steak with lashings of peppercorn sauce. Yum!

Just after me being 6 weeks we jet-setted off to Italy for a friends wedding, the only people who knew were my immediate family and his, we decided we were not going to tell anyone else until the first scan @ 12 weeks. I knew it was going to be hard being around all our friends and hiding the fact I wasn’t drinking or eating parma ham!

I think I managed to get by without them realising and Mr Ginge came off a little worse for wear drinking all my glasses of prosecco for me! I did at one point try to throw a glass off a moving speedboat when people weren’t watching and it just covered everyone around me, oops! This was the week my morning sickness started, I was never sick but just felt like I wanted to. I was also very emotional , there were a few tears on the trip, partly because our suitcase was still @ Gatwick when we arrived in Italy and just being overly emotional.

7 weeks


My morning sickness hit me really hard ( just gone 7 weeks) when we got back, it was like waking up with a constant hangover, not fun! I tried drinking ginger tea and scoffing on Ginger Nuts. I worked out that pretty much eating anything stodgy and bad for me seemed to get the queasiness at bay!


This picture now makes me laugh. I had texted Mr Ginge completely stressed out that anything I put on felt like I looked about 6 months pregnant and as I was trying to keep it a secret from work I din’t want to be showing. When I look at that teeny bump now I think how much I was over reacting haha! Still feeling sick and taking naps anytime I could. I was also paranoid that every time I went to the toilet I would find blood but luckily none found.

10 weeks

I don’t think there was much difference in symptoms or bump @ 10 weeks. I had noticed that if I had a late night the night before I was completely done in the next day and would mainly just sleep. My morning sickness had got worse but the only time I threw up was when Mr Ginge thought he would plonk down next to me with a big glass of red wine and the smell was hideous!

By 11 weeks it was smells that were making me feel sick rather then certain types of food. I couldn’t stand the smell of coffee even though I was used to drinking it every day and peoples fabric softener was absolutely vile, even my own one. I couldn’t stand the smell of myself so had to get a mild smelling one and then rewash all my clothes. Even Mr Ginge’s deodorant and aftershave would make me heave and I would make him sit at the other end of the room if I got a whiff of it.

I forgot to take pictures in the last 2 weeks most probably because I was fed up. Fed up of feeling sick and tired and I felt like I was really fat and ugly too. More ugly crying went on in them 2 weeks! At around 11 and a half weeks I woke up to an extremely sharp pain in my right ovary. I carried on trying to get ready for work and even walked the dog hoping it would go away. It was still there after about an hour later so of course as you do I started googling and you always read the worst things and think that it was is happening to you. I have suffered with ovarian cysts was thinking one had expanded again. I decided to ring up the antenatal unit as suggested in my pink book to see if they could put my mind at ease. They booked me in for an urgent scan that afternoon as said they couldn’t ignore any pains I was getting.

I spent the whole morning panicking that something was wrong and when they did the scan that they wouldn’t find anything. We headed up to the hospital and only had to wait for about 10 minutes until they called me in. The lady told me lay on the bed and that she was going to do an internal scan. I was not expecting that I thought it was just going to be a normal ultrasound she could tell I look terrified as said I look like a rabbit caught in the headlights! I’m not gonna lie it was painful but when I saw my little baby moving around the tears would not stop it’s an incredible thing to see, I was so relieved. She summed my pain up to just being my uterus stretching and said it can affect people more than others.

And here they were.


I went to a baby event @ Mothercare tonight so will share that with you next!

Chow for now!







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