Crisis Breakfast, salmon and 2nd day closer to running 5K!

This morning the sun was shining, the birds were tweeting just a perfect day be cheerful, that is until I got to the fridge and found no skimmed milk t
o be seen for my smoothie! One thing Gorgeous Ginge had to remember to bring home and forgot, grr I was not happy. By the way he works in a supermarket (exactly!) so no excuse! So had a rummage through and came up with a yogurt, banana and a cup of tea instead. The worst flavour yogurt as well!


For dinner it was salmon, usually I cook it in lemon juice and tarragon wrapped in foil and stick in the oven. But I came across this Knorr Mediterranean Salmon mix (only 85p!) in Sainsburys the other day so thought I’d give it a try.Image



All you need is some salmon fillets it says 4 but I was only cooking for 2, 200g courgettes, 200g peppers ( had none in the house oops) and 100g cherry tomatoes. I didn’t have any cherry tomatoes either so chopped up a whole tomato instead. Cut the vegetables up and put them in a large bowl with the spice mix and mix it all together. You then open up the tin foil bag it comes with and stuff the vegetables inside then place the salmon on the top. Easy peesy! If I can do it then anyone can trust me! The other week I thought it would be a good idea to make a banoffee pie but what I didn’t realize was that whipping cream needs to be whipped ( might be a clue in the name now thinking about it!) so I just poured it on the top thinking it would turn into a fabulous fluffy creamy top! It didn’t by the way just swished around the dish, so what ever I can make on here anyone can!

The salmon gets chucked in the oven in the sealed bag for about 25 mins, gas mark 7. I added broccoli and made some cous cous. If you haven’t had cous cous then you should, it’s super good for you! It’s high in fibre, helps decrease the risk of diabetes and contains no fat or sugar. Just don’t add butter to it, I add lime or lemon juice instead, It was lovely, I would def buy again and veen Gorgeous Ginge agreed.


After dinner I put my outdoor glad rags on and took that step closer to my 5k. I use the app Runkeeper which is where I found a training guide to help get me 5k. On Sunday I had to run/ walk 1.5miles and today I had to run for 1 minute then walk 1 minute for 30 minutes. I think it’s a great app, iImaget’s free, it tracks how far you have ran and how long and even tells you how many calories you have burnt. I especially like it as it interrupts your run every 5 minutes to keep you updated on what you have done so far. so if after 10 minutes I’ve nearly run a mile it makes me keep going to reach the  distance. Rufus is enjoying all my running too as he gets to meet all his friends along the way.