Guess who’s back, back again.

My laptop has not been working this week so just a quick post on me mobley of some of the things I’ve been eating this week before its up and running again tomorrow yipee!!


Ham and egg salad for lunches


A honeycomb sundae (oops!) and carvery but was so excited about eating totally forgot to take a picture!


Chicken salad wrap for a light dinner


Chicken tikka wraps and chickpea salad
A light healthy scrummy dinner and super easy to make! Marinate the chicken in tikka spice and 200ml of yogurt overnight. Then stick it in the oven for about 25mins or until cooked, simples!


Yogurt and mint sauce for the wraps. Just use the left over yogurt with 2 – 3 teaspoons of mint sauce and 1 teaspoon of sweetener.


Cook the chickpeas, then add red onion, tomatoes, cucumber,  feta cheese,  green chilli and I added chilli, lime and coriander dressing aswell.


Then finish it off with a glass of rose

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Ugh don’t you just hate that question in interviews! I just want to shrivel up and hide under the table and pretend it never happened! I never know if they mean me or my fabulous career history!(ha or not!) Just ask me directly god damn it what exactly do you want to know!? My hobbies, bra size, how many words I can type a minute, where I see my self in 5 years time?

SO this is what I would love to say if I wasn’t in the fetal position under the desk.


I’m Michaela and that beautiful black beast is Rufus, I’m 26 years OLD although I do have to keep asking people how old I am as I still feel like I’m 20, where does the time go!? I bought a house 2 years ago ( how grown up, 26 remember!) with my gorgeous ginge (wannabe brunette) who has held my heart for nearly 6 years, so must be doing something right! I live in Crawley or “next to Gatwick Airport” as must people know it but spent most of my childhood in Cornwall.

I decided to write this blog as I love reading other peoples, but most of them that I read are in USA and I get really disappointed when they’re visiting some amazing town that is 100’s of miles away or cooking up a tasty recipe where the main ingredient is not sold in my local Sainsburys 😦 There are probably 100’s in the UK too but I am obviously looking in the wrong place!

Also one of my new years resolution was to be able to run 5k (bearing in mind I could probably run for about 3 mins before wanting to crawl back to the sofa) and after reading through some motivational blogs to get me started I felt that if I write down my progress and what I’m putting inside of me to fuel it, that it may stop myself from having too many failures of staying in to watch the next new show on TLC and maybe even inspire a couple of people too!

I am hoping to loose a few pounds too at the same time so I am trying to turn my eating habits into healthy ones and not just as a quick fix, I am going to maintain it into my new lifestyle, into the new me 🙂 So any tips to help me along my way is much appreciated.

This is not advice to you on how to loose weight but I’m just sharing my journey on what may or may not be working for me. 🙂